by Sauroctonos



released July 6, 2013

Guitars, vocals, music by Nikolay Kushnir
Drums, lyrics by Yuriy Kononov
Bass guitars by Alexandr Mazurenko, Yevgen Chebotarenko, Nikolay Kushnir
Tracking, editing, mixing, sound production and mastering by Oleksiy Nagornykh.



all rights reserved


Sauroctonos Черкассы, Ukraine

Sauroctonos was formed in 2005 in Ukraine. The main musical idea of the band is expressing with black metal mainly, however allowing some other styles to take the point. The new album named “Our Cold Days Are Still Here When The Lights Are Out” was recorded in 2011 and its main ideological idea is expressing the indifference as the only right attitude to this reality. ... more

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Track Name: Nell
I met god and he had nothing to say to me
I saw his face which appeared to be a gaping void
I looked in nowhere and saw the arcane visions
Visions of my soul's innermost constellations

All my values, the experience of the past
Was rejected
All my memories, everything I could recall
Was erased

I re-learned to see
I re-learned to recognize
And the first thing I saw
Was his face
My reflection

I looked at him for a moment
Which seemed like eternity
A gaping void was staring back at me
It had nothing to say

A blank canvas
Allowing to create
Even what mind cannot grasp

Still I prefer
To leave it blank